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20th April 2016 - Information about places at ‘Fujinomiya Food Valley’ was posted.

Please click on the ‘FOOD’ link at the top of the page.

Fujinomiya is blessed by nature and abundant food resources including daily farming on the vast Asagiri plateau and rainbow trout farming using spring water.

Being proud of its culture and blessing of Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya-city launched the ‘Food valley scheme’ in 2004. The city has been working together with its residents, producers, NPO, private companies and universities for the local community to develop as a ‘city for good food’. (Fujinomiya-city official website)

12th March 2016 - Fujinomiya-city launched a scheme for attracting people to move into the city

Please go on ‘Moving in Fujinomiya’ page on the Fujinomiya-city official website


FUJINOMIYA - A city where you can look at Mount Fuji from anywhere.

In Fujinomiya, you may be fortunate to see a very, very big Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) when weather is clear. You will be amazed by the magnitude of it.

Fujinomiya has prospered as a city located at the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji is now registered as a World Heritage site and Fujinomiya has many assets which are added to the World heritage list. However, you can feel the atmosphere that local people are simply happy enough to have Fujisan, whether or not it has the status as the World Heritage site.

A laid-back city Fujinomiya has a range of attractions. You will discover many sites which are off the beaten track!

Location: Fujinomiya-city, Shizuoka prefecture

Fujinomiya lies to the south of Mt. Fuji.

What does Fujinomiya have

  • Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine: It is the head shrine of the 1300 Sengen shrines throughout Japan.
  • Starting point of Mt. Fuji Trail: You can start climbing Mt. Fuji from Fujinomiya station. Fujinomiya Trail is one of the four major routes leading to the summit.
  • Abundant Spring water: There is a plentiful supply of spring water which is produced by snowmelt from Mt. Fuji. You can also enjoy Vanadium Hot spring.
  • Spiritual Places: There are many spiritual places including Sengen Shrine.
  • Plateau which makes you feel like running: Asagiri plateau is a vast meadow nearby Mt. Fuji.
  • Variety of views of Mt. Fuji : Upside-down Fuji, Framed Fuji
  • B-kyu Gourmet: Japanese term “B-kyu Gourmet” refers to cheap and good food. Fujinomiya is famous for Okonomi-yaki (Japanese savory pancake) as well as Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodle) which has won the “B-1 Grand prix”, the national local dish competition.
  • Local train: To access to Fujinomiya, take the Minobu line which connects the Tokaido line.

What are the local people in Fujinomiya like?
(Personal opinion by the website owner)

  • Broad- minded (Laid-back)
  • Chatty
  • Having a poor sense of direction (As they always see Mt. Fuji in the north, they lose a sense of direction without Mt. Fuji.)
  • They believe that Mt. Fuji looks most spectacular from Fujinomiya position.
Events Calendar
(Sat) 2nd ~ (Sun) 3rd April

Cherry blossom Festival < Fuji-san Hongu Sengen Taisha>

(Sat) 2nd April

An evening of Gagaku, Bugaku and Nohgaku (traditional court music, dances and theatrical art form)

(Sun) 3rd April

Shibakawa Hiyori (The Festival of cherry blossom and bamboo shoot) < Uchibo Inase river side>

(Sun) 3rd April

Classic car reviews in Fujinomiya 2016 < My road Honcho>

(Sat) 9th ~(Sun) 10th April

Kariyado Cherry blossom festival < Kariyado>

(Wed) 4th ~(Fri) 6th May

Yabusame festival

(Sun) 12th June

Shibakawa Hiyori Ume no sato Inako festival

(Sat) 2nd July

28th Miss Fuji-san contest

(Sat) 2nd July

Ceremony of tea offering to God, Paper lamp shade contest

(Sun) 10th July

Official start of the Mt. Fuji climbing season

(Sat) 6th August

Mt. Fuji Gojinka(sacred fire) festival (at Sengen Shrine)

(Sun) 7th August

Miya-odori dance festival (at Sengen Shrine)

(Fri) 5th ~(Sun) 7th August

Tanabata Festival (at My road shopping street)

(Mon) 15th August

Start of the Mount Fuji climbing season (Horai nage taimatsu-throwing torches event)

(Sun) 21st August

Jinba Waterfalls festival (at Jinba waterfalls, Inokashira)

(Sun) 25th September

Local speciality fair & Fujinomiya Monzen ichi festival

Mount Fuji ceremony of tea offering to God

How to get there

From Tokyo
Travel by train
Tokyo Station/ Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama (about 1 hour) → Mishima station/ Tokaido line (about 35min) → Fuji station/Minobu line (about 20 min) → Fujinomiya station
Travel by coach
Coach from Tokyo Station (about 2 ½ hours) → Fujinomiya Station
Travel by road
Tokyo IC/ Tomei Expressway (about 1hour 20 min) → Shin-Tomei Expressway / Shin- Fuji IC (about 15 min) → Fujinomiya station
From Osaka
Travel by train (by Hikari)
Shin Osaka Station/ Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari (about 2 hours) → Shizuoka Station /Tokaido line (about 35min) → Fuji station/ Minobu line (about 20 min) → Fujinomiya station *Please note that some Hikari DO NOT stop at Shizuoka station
Travel by train (by Nozomi)
Shin Osaka Station/ Tokaido Shinkansen Nozomi (about 50 min) → Nagoya station/ Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama (1hour 20min) → Shizuoka station /Tokaido line (about 35min) → Fuji Station/ Minobu line(20min) → Fujinomiya station
Travel by coach
Coach from Osaka station (about 9hours) → Fujinomiya station *Only night coaches are available
Travel by road
Toyonaka IC/ Meisin Expressway, Tomei Expressway (about 5 hours) → Shin-Tomei Expressway /Shin-fuji IC (15min) → Fujinomiya station