OMAKASE JAPAN website is launched to introduce a variety of attractions of local areas in Japan. You might have experienced that familiar sights (for example, a local park, a shrine and a town) seem new when you look at them from a different angle. Using your five-senses, you might discover something fascinating - a unique atmosphere, beautiful sights and great foods in the area. OMAKASE JAPAN introduces the excellent things and places in Japan to people inside and outside the country. For the tourists from overseas, we introduce some unknown attractions that may not be mentioned in the guidebooks. For Japanese people, we aim to help them to rediscover the charms of Japan. We hope it helps to promote economic and industrial development in the local areas. We are prepared to introduce the attractiveness of Japan with a spirit of “Anything about Japan, leave it to us!” (the Japanese term “OMAKASE” means “Leave it to me” )

As a first edition, we have introduced the attractions of Mt. Fuji which is regarded as “the navel of Japan”. We hope this website will be a first step for Japan to make another great innovation.