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Asagiri Kogen Paraglider School

In order to report a paragliding experience, I visited the Asagiri Kogen Paraglider School where you can fly with a view of Mount Fuji. It is situated in Asagiri Plateau, a 15-minute drive from Fujinomiya. From the Fujinomiya town, take the National route 139 towards Yamanashi prefecture.

Since I have acrophobia, I asked my friend to experience her first flight. In the morning, a panoramic view of Mount Fuji could be seen as weather was absolutely clear. But some clouds started to appear in the afternoon, so we were unsure if she would be able to see beautiful Mount Fuji from the sky.

So it was finally her turn. I was looking up to see her flying like a bird in the sky. She was floating in the air and surprisingly seemed very comfortable. I got very excited and, unexpectedly, thought ‘I want to fly, too!’ …So what was the actual experience like?

I interviewed my friend after her first flight.

What was it like?

“It was a strange feeling. It felt like I was floating like a feather.”

Was it like the Take-copter? (The gadget appeared in the Doraemon cartoon)

“No, it did not move as fast as that”

Did you feel like a bird?

“Well, probably close to it. Anyway I was floating gently, like a feather…”

I asked her if she could describe it in other words, but what she said was only ‘floating like a feather…’

Unfortunately she could not see a complete view of Mount Fuji as some clouds covered it, but the group of people flying before her was able to see a beautiful panoramic view. (The timing really matters whether you could see a view of Mount Fuji or not)

However, my friend was entertained enough by the flight itself rather than observing Mount Fuji.

She is hoping to come back and fly in autumn next time so she could look at red leaves from above. I am sure she would have fun again!

Asagiri Kogen Paraglider School
Parking lotFree
PricesFlight experience session ¥4600

Flight experience session plus Tandem flight ¥10,000~
LodgingFree accommodation is provided for the clients who booked paragliding