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DogCafe biKKe

This is a popular dog café you and your dog can dine together. On our second visit, we brought our dog along. When we opened the door, several dogs including the owner’s one cheerfully greeted us.

Inside the café, five dogs were already playing together. My dog is usually shy in new places but he seemed to fit in well, so we had a lovely tea time!

The recommendation on the café menu is an ice cream made with raw milk. Of course there is a dog menu, too.

Dog grooming service and a variety of dog accessories are also available on the site. We purchased reusable nappy covers in Scandinavian colours which, according to the staff, would work out cheaper than disposables.

If you are a dog lover, it is a place you could have a nice time even without your dog! The café is a five-minute walk from Sengen Taisha so why don’t you drop in after visiting the shrine? You will be welcomed by lovely dogs.

Cafe Dog-friendly site
DogCafe biKKe
Opening hours(Monday - Friday)11:00~18:00
(Sataday,Sunday,National Holiday)11:00~18:00
Closed onTuesdays and The 4th・5th Wednesday
Parking lotFree
Food & DrinkChoose from a range of pasta dishes and yakisoba. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee
Dog trimming