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Canfes is a dog run (a fenced off area designated for dogs to run about) nestled at the foothills of Mount Fuji, north of Fujinomiya, and it is along the mountain trail.

Any dog would love its great size - The whole area is about 3300 ㎡which is covered with lawn.

Dog run is divided into three sections. There is also an area for private hire so even a shy dog could enjoy his freedom.

On the day of our visit, my dog was the only guest – maybe because it was a weekday. Although it was a bit quiet, the Canfes owner’s dog vigorously played with mine.

The lodge style café has a fireplace which warms up your mind and body. The menu offers light meals such as yakisoba and pasta as well as home-made cakes. (Cakes are only available at weekends.) This is a place you can relax even without your dog.

Cafe Dog run Dog-friendly site
Opening hours8:00~Sunset
Closed onTuesday
Parking lotFree
Food & DrinkThe café serves light meals such as curry, yakisoba and pasta
Dog run¥1000/one dog
¥500/per 2nd dog~