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Dog Run & Café MOMO

Dog run MOMO is a popular dog run with the locals in Fujinomiya, situated in a residential area near Gendoji station on the Minobe line.

Mount Fuji could be seen over the roofs of houses although your dog would not be able to see it.

The owner, also a dog trainer, has transformed his garden into the dog run that is about 330 ㎡. You can see his passion for dog training everywhere.

The whole area is covered with natural grass that is gentle on dogs’ feet and comfortable for humans.

There is equipment for agility and Frisbees to train your dog. If you are lucky, you might get some advice from the trainer.

The adjacent café offers coffee, tea, home-made smoothie and cakes for you to have a nice break.

Cafe Dog run Dog-friendly site
Dog Run & Café MOMO
Opening hours9:00~Sunset
Closed onNo Fixed Holiday
Parking lotFree (3 Spaces)
Food & DrinkThe menu includes homemade desserts, smoothies as well as coffee.
Dog run¥500/ dog