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Sacred Fire Festival

Fuji-san Sacred Fire Festival takes place on the first Saturday of every August at the Fuji-san Hongu Sengen shrine and its nearby towns.

A mikoshi (a portable shrine), with a sacred fire lit at the summit of Mount Fuji, parades through Fujinomiya city. Eventually the mikoshi goes upstream of the Kanda River where spring water from Mount Fuji flows.

In the town, spectators on the roadside throw buckets of water on the mikoshi. Women with a hachimaki, (Japanese headband) , wrapped themselves with cloth called sarashi, dance next to the sacred fire on the mikoshi. The purpose of doing this seems to prevent the blazing bonfire from spreading. Although mikoshi carriers are soaking wet with water thrown on them, they look unperturbed and rather having fun.

In the finale, the mikoshis step into the lower course of the Kanda River, which originates in Wakutama pond, go upstream and head for the Sengen shrine. It is a climax of the Fuji- san sacred fire festival. Quite a large volume of water flows pretty fast along the Kanda River.

A team of mikoshi carriers, already drenched in water, finally splash water onto the spectators. At the venue, both carriers and spectators create an atmosphere of extreme excitement with a sense of unity.

The festival of fire and water in the mid-summer is amazingly cool.

Sacred Fire Festival
Addressaround Sengen Taisha
Time :  Early August