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Lake-Motosu Camping

In early spring, we visited the Koan campsite that lies next to Lake- Motosu.

Although it was still cold in March, Mount Fuji looked even more beautiful in the crisp, clean air.

We were excited to enjoy lovely barbecue and morning coffee in the cool fresh air with a view of Mount Fuji.

We thought there wouldn’t be many people there, but contrary to our expectations, there were quite a few campers.

At the campsite, we were fortunate to have sunny weather so that Mount Fuji looked amazing. In the evening, we had a bonfire and a barbecue party.

It was still freezing from midnight to early morning. Temperature must have dropped as low as -2℃ or -3℃ . Nevertheless, camping with a view of spectacular Mount Fuji was superb. We appreciated the bonfire and the wood burning stove that made us forget about the cold weather!

Lake- Motosu Camping
Address2926 Nakanokura,Minobu-cho,Minami-koma-gun,Yamanashi