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Lake Tanuki (Camping)

The Lake Tanuki Campsite, famous for a superb view of Mount Fuji, is popular with families as it offers plenty of attractions - the beautiful lake, its specious size, clean cooking facilities and toilet all at a reasonable price. In October, Lake Tanuki is quite cold but you have a good chance of seeing Mount Fuji because the air is clean. It is worth watching the spectacular view despite the cold weather.

You can enjoy a BBQ for dinner. Meat, seafood and vegetables always taste better when eating outdoor.

Having a BBQ around a bonfire is really fun whatever your age.

In the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise from the foot of Mount Fuji. After that, why don’t you take a walk around the lake? It takes 45 minutes to go round so it is just a right distance for a stroll. You will not be bored as you can observe Mount Fuji from a variety of angles in 45 minutes. Especially the beauties of ‘sakasa Fuji’ (an inverted image of the mountain reflected on the water) and the ridgeline of Mount Fuji are beyond description.

Having breakfast with a view of Mount Fuji and the lake is also an extraordinary experience.

Lake Tanuki campsite has plenty of attractions. We will definitely come back, hope the weather is clear and sunny so that we could see Mount Fuji again.

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Lake Tanuki (Camping)
Telephone0544-52-0155 (Campsites)
Opening hours8:00~17:00 (Campsites)
Parking lotFree
Dog allowedOK