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Start of the Mount Fuji climbing season Fireworks celebration

On 10th July, a festival wishing for safe climbing Mount Fuji (Fujinomiya-station) was held at Fuji-san Hongu Sengen Taisha, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The celebration started at 9am. Mr Sudo, the Mayor of Fujinomiya-city, wished for safe climbing and declared that the climbing season officially started.

People carried a 3.776 meter long Daikongo-stick, which is associated with the altitude of Mount Fuji, and paraded through the approach to the shrine. They were welcomed by Omiya primary school students who were waving the small flags.

I watched a Tezutsu (handheld) fireworks display commencing at 8pm.

When I arrived at the venue, there were so many people who were expecting fireworks. Drums were beating somewhere. The ceremony finally started.

The fireworks display started after worshiping and getting fire called Imibi at the shrine.

It was my first time to watch Tezutsu fireworks and they were beyond my expectation – so powerful and spectacular.

It is believed that fire has the power of purification so that it purifies spectators. I was immersed in watching the display when sparks were falling on me. I was astonished but excited, too.

Fireworks launched over and over again. The ceremony was really magnificent.

Start of the Mount Fuji climbing season Fireworks celebration
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