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Mujou do

We visited Mujou do, a café situated in a farm village. It is located in Fuji city but not too far from Fujinomiya, too.

When you enter the premises, the first thing you will see is a fascinating Japanese garden. Inside the café, which is an old Japanese house style, you will be welcomed by beautiful interiors.

We felt thrilled and sat down on the Tatami mat. We were astonished by the enormous window with the size being as big as a wall. The beautiful ridgeline of Mount Fuji and a view of countryside were seen through the window.

We had nice aromatic coffee while enjoying the view. Coffee was accompanied by small teacakes which were delightful, too.

We wandered round the café, which had a detailed architectural style, and admired art potteries displayed beside the window. After that we walked through the garden. It was such a blissful time.

Visit there any time of the year because you can enjoy different views, which are just like art works, through the four seasons.

Unfortunately we did not have a meal there. We really wanted to try ‘special sandwich’ on the menu. This sausage sandwich, with bread baked with natural yeast, was awarded many international prizes in Germany. Next time, we hope we have a relaxing time to enjoy a meal while admiring Mount Fuji, as a Japanese proverb says “Dumplings rather than flowers”.

Mujou do
Address247 Matsuno ,Fuji-city
Opening hours10:00-20:00
(Please inquire after 17:00 )
Closed onThursday
Parking lotFree (4 spaces)