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A friend of mine living near the Shiraito falls recommended a yakisoba restaurant called `Mumesan’ to me. I visited there right away and found a large signboard portraying an old lady, Mumesan, the owner of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, some customers were already sitting around an iron plate. As it was a weekday, I could have a seat straightaway. There was another private Japanese room with tatami mats. A large group of customers arriving later was ushered to the Japanese room.

The menu included ramen, fried chicken and yaki-tori as well as yakisoba. I was tempted to order a bottle of beer but I opted for yakisoba and okonomi-yaki as I would have to drive.

Yakisoba was a generous portion and tasty. It is understandable why this restaurant is visited by many local people. What makes their okonomi-yaki special is the generous amount of cabbage. When you have a bite of the pancake, which is golden brown outside and filled with lots of cabbage inside, you will experience the sweet flavor of the vegetable.

Mumesan is situated near the Shiraito Falls, the Asagiri plateau and the Fuji Milk Land. If you come a long way, why don’t you visit Mumesan together with these attractions?

Fujinomiya Yakisoba
Address854-50, Kamiide ,Fujinomiya-city Shizuoka
Opening hours(Morning)7:00~9:00
(Day Time)10:30~19:00
Closed onTuesdays and the 3rd Wednesday
Parking lotFree (20 Spaces)