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Yakisoba is a fried noodle dish made with wheat noodles. Fujinomiya yakisoba is a two-time winner of the “B-1 Grand prix” - the B-kyu local dish competition throughout Japan. (Japanese term “B-kyu” literally means B-class or second class. In Japan, “B-kyu food” refers to cheap and good food)

Fujinomiya yakisoba is made with firm, thick noodles. Its chewy texture makes Fujinomiya yakisoba irresistible to many people.

Since this unique noodle is produced from only 4 factories in Fujinomiya, you must visit there in order to try its authentic taste!

Uruoi-tei restaurant offers Okonomi-yaki and teppan-yaki. However you should not miss its signature dish – Yakisoba. It will be cooked by the restaurant owner in front of you and flavored with a blend of 8 different sauces. You may add some mustard- miso for extra flavor.

Yakisoba is cooked with pork and vegetables. Top it with dried sardine flakes, aonori (green seaweed flakes) and beni-shoga(red pickled ginger). Many people from inside and outside the city visit here to enjoy this famous dish.

When you come out of the restaurant, you will be greeted by the beautiful Mt. Fuji. Where should you go next? Another Yakisoba restaurant? Probably next time.

Fujinomiya Yakisoba
Address415-2 Yodoshi, Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka
Opening hours(Week day)11:30~14:00 16:30~20:00
(Saturday,Sunday,National Holiday)11:00~19:00
Closed onMondays and the 3rd Tuesday
Parking lotFree (15 Spaces)