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Okonomi Shokudo ITO

When I arrived at the restaurant, there was already a long queue despite the fact it was a weekday. After a 40-minute wait, finally I could enter into the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, there are counter seats with a large iron plate in front, and Zashiki (Japanese style seating with Tatami mats) seats at the back. At the counter seats, staff would cook Yakisoba and Okonomi-yaki skilfully in front of you.

This is the classic scene of making the Fujinomiya Dagashi-ya (cheap snack store) style Okonomi-yaki and Yakisoba.

In terms of popularity and taste, one can say that the Okonomi shokudo ITO represents the Dagashi-ya style Fujinomiya Yakisoba.

The restaurant offers Okonomi-yaki and Fujinomiya oden as well as Yakisoba. There is no air conditioning but it is also a pleasant feeling to cool yourself down with a Uchiwa ( hand-held paper fan) while waiting.

Yakisoba was more filling than it appeared. Gochiso sama desita! (A polite Japanese phrase meaning `Thank you for the delicious meal’)

Fujinomiya Yakisoba
Okonomi Shokudo ITO
Address468-2,Yodoshi, Fujinomiya-city,Sizuoka
Opening hours10:30~19:30  *Sunday 10:30~19:00
Closed onMonday,Tuesday