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Yuguchi is a restaurant which is at the forefront of the Fujinomiya yakisoba boom. As it is always busy with many customers coming from a distance, we visited there at about 13:00 on a weekday in order to avoid lunch time. We could have a table after waiting for a few minutes.

The menu offers a variety of topping options – natto (fermented soya beans) , garlic, chili, rice and hormone. However, we were not adventurous enough and opted for normal yakisoba and okonomiyaki.

Yakisoba was cooked with a generous amount of cabbage. The texture of firm noodle, which is a distinctive feature of Fujinomiya yakisoba, goes well with fat in Niku-kasu, cabbage and a sauce. The combination of these ingredients creates an irresistible taste. The portion was so generous that the normal portion could fill up my stomach.

Okonomiyaki was as good as yakisoba. I have heard that many locals prefer okonomiyaki to yakisoba, and the taste explains why. Okonomiyai, which took time to cook, was fluffy on the inside and you will find a generous amount of sauce and cabbage in-between! They go perfectly well with the sweetness of pancake.

Yuguchi offers many a la carte dishes apart from yakisoba and okonomiyaki. Especially ‘hormone yaki’ with plenty of garlic and ‘tonsoku (pettitoes) soup’ which is rich in collagen are the popular dishes. It is understandable that Yuguchi keeps many customers coming back. I will come back again and order tonsoku soup next time.

Fujinomiya Yakisoba
Address4032-3,Manno-hara-shinden,Fujinomiya-city ,Shizuoka
Opening hours(Monday - Friday)11:30~13:30,17:00~21:00
(Sunday,National Holiday)11:00~14:00、16:30~20:00
Closed onMondays and the 2nd Tuesday
Parking lotFree (25 Spaces)