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Siraito Falls

The Otodome falls, known as a legend of the Soga brothers, appears first alongside the charming old-fashioned souvenir shops. Please stop by and read the explanatory board telling the origin of the fall’s name.

After leaving the Otodome-falls, if you hike down steps at the end of the souvenir shops, a magnificent view of the Shiraito Falls will emerge. The waterfalls is added to the World Heritage List as a part of the Mount Fuji cultural site. In addition, this picturesque cascade, one of the most important tourist attractions in Fujinojiya, was selected as one of the `Japan’s best 100 waterfalls’ (ranked the third in 2015)

The striking feature of the Shiraito falls is that it is made up of hundreds of waterfalls dropping from a curved cliff. Its source is groundwater from Mount Fuji. The maximum volume of water flow reaches 1.5 ton per minute.

The appearance resembles ‘hanging thread of silk’ which is the origin of its name. You may feel as if you are watching a water show set in a majestic precipitous cliff.

It is also known as a spiritual spot. It is said that a spirit of water washes all negativities away and its positive energy has a healing and purifying power. If you walk towards a plunge pool, you will be surrounded by the sound and splash of the waterfalls. It is such a therapeutic experience to feel the power of nature.

Before leaving the site, it is worth climbing up the steps situated near the plunge pool, although they are pretty steep. You can have a panoramic view from an observation deck which is just above the waterfalls. If you are lucky, a view of Mt Fuji combined with the waterfalls could be seen.

This is the only place where you could see Mount Fuji and the waterfalls at the same time in Fujinomiya which has a number of Mount Fuji observation spots.

Siraito Falls
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