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Yamamiya Sengen Shrine

As soon as passing through the Torii gate, you will feel different atmosphere of the sacred place.

Yamamiya Sengen shrine is a place which worships Mount Fuji as deify.

It is said to be the oldest shrine of 1,300 sengen shrines in the country. This is the predecessor of the Fuji-san Hongu Sengen shrine and Okami (deity of Mount Fuji) was worshiped here for the first time.

After passing through the torii gate, if you walk along a path lined with stone lanterns, thick large trees emerge. There are a Yohai-jo and Goshin-boku (sacred trees) in the precinct.

Yamamiya Sengen shrine does not have a Honden building so the Yohai-jo is the place to worship Mount Fuji from afar. You can see Mount Fuji from the Yohai-jo and there is no building in which to worship the mountain as deify.

On the day of our visit, Mount Fuji was seen clearly in the morning but in the afternoon, it became cloudy so we were not able to see the mountain from the Yohai-jo. As there is no Hondo at this shrine, we really wanted to see Mount Fuji so kept waiting. Finally, Mount Fuji started to emerge.

We were able to worship the mountain and really felt the power of spirit.

Yamamiya Sengen shrine is added to the World Cultural Heritage List as a part of ‘ Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration’.
Yamamiya Sengen Shrine
TelephoneInformation office 0544-58-5190
Opening hoursInformation office opens only on Saturday、Sunday and National Holiday
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